Monday, June 01, 2009



It's already June. I haven't blogged for weeks. Thank you very much for your expressing condolences to me. I am very glad I have lots of friends who are always staying with me when I am sad.


Ati sent me a comforting heart with words of "I wish you much strength in the coming time." I felt like crying when I reveived this unexpectedly.

Margereet wrote me "I hope it helps you to know many women are thinking of you.The butterfiles are the loving thoughts you have for your mother." What a beautiful heart this is!

My swap sister Malla has chosen this colour to give me energy and comfort in this sad time. I love it.

Again, thanks to you all, Ati, Margreet and Malla.


AngelDoll said...

I am sending my sincere condolences also from Canada. I lost my father last year and 'feel' your loss.
May the memories of your Mom keep her alive in your heart forever. Your beautiful work also expresses your love for her.
An admirer of your blog and beautiful needlework,

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your mom. I get my best wishes to you and hope you will find comfort and love through this very trying time. I am sorry this is late in coming. Again I send condolences!!

Anonymous said...
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