Wednesday, March 18, 2009

アラカン Around Sixty


I am always wondering why it's thought to be rude when we ask a woman her age. I have never thought to hide my age and always feel tempted to ask her/his age. When I ask the question, the only reason is I would like to know what period you have lived in. I can imagine the days and cultures you have lived to build your present characters.


This March 16th was my 60th birthday. I can't believe I've lived so long, while I am still living in the same feeling as my seventeenth or twenty-two days.

Our youth was in '70th. It was a time of storm.


I received nice baggies from my cq oversea friends. Thank you very much, Ati, Helina, Wilma and Malla. I feel happy there are many friends thinking of me from far far away. I believe friendship and love.

This is not a birthday baggie but a sister baggie from Malla I received in February. I didn't a chance to blog it before. But I love the colour so much I would like to make a spring block with this package.


Karrin Hurd said...

Happy belated birthday Hideko! Looks like you got some wonderful baggies from friends. My 60th will be next year.

Emmy said...

Happy bithday you got some wonderful baggies my bithday is soon I wil be 57 like you can not believe it

Francy said...

happy belated birthday & many more.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthdat Hideko!! Age is just a number, yes....I have long been an admirer of your work..Debbie (Maine) USA

Kathy said...

Happy belated birthday Hideko. Best wishes for the year ahead. Be on the lookout for an envelope coming your way.

ayako said...