Thursday, February 21, 2008

紫の対 A Pair of Purple Wall Hangings


Finally I've completed a pair of purple wall hangings.
Actually my inspiration came from two old Japanese love songs, exchanged in court between a famous prince and lady in 8th century. "Purple" is the keyword in these original Japanese songs. My English is not good. But I hope I could interpret the meanings for you.


I am afraid someone might see you waving sleeve to me while I am picking up purple flowers in this field.


Though you are now married to my brother Emperor, please remember still I love you, my Lady Purple.



Simona Tedeschi said...

they are beautful!

Karrin Hurd said...

They are exquisite, I love them!

Lea said...

素敵ですね~素晴らしい、石田さんのCrazy quiltって。私の主体としてるキルトのスタイルとは違うので、今まであまり勉強をしてなかったのですが、石田さんのブログでかなり勉強になりました。

Bear said...

your English is improving out of sight, so please don' feel you have to apologise. You have conveyed the meaning of the old songs so beautifully and in these wonderful blocks it comes through over and over. They are truly are so beautiful my friend, as Karrin said above "they are exquisite" and that is perhaps a better word to use in the description of these blocks, Hideko they are exquisite!
lots of love n big hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxxoxooxox

Anonymous said...

These two make such a beautiful pair, Hideko! Your color choices and quality of workmanship are wonderful, as always. You will inspire many people at the exhibition, I think. And, LOL, your English is MUCH better than my
Japanese :-) Lynn, SoCal

Candi said...

Oh they're just gorgeous!

Jane said...

Very, very beautiful. Love the work and I too think your English is very good.

Meg said...


They're gorgeous! And I "Make My Day"ed you. You can see the image on my blog and what the award is.


Susan said...

Not only do the blocks look beautiful, but I really love the lines from the song. I think it's wonderful of you to do these blocks from that inspiration. It reminds me of a quilting class I took from Kimiko Sudo. She was using stories from about 1100 AD - the Ginja stories? I really enjoyed making my little wall hanging of three ladies bending over to work on their drawings.

Autumn Moon said...

Lovely, and I enjoyed the lyrics to the song.

nuinui said...