Thursday, November 15, 2007

Emiko's Block finished

I've finished my work on Emiko's block.

Here's the whole block.


Susan said...

Very pretty scene. I like how you pulled yellow in without letting it take over your part.

Anonymous said...

Hideko, this is a perfect little miniature nestled into the block; what a charming addition to this beautiful block. Lynn, SoCal

Beadin' Gram said...

Oh, Hideko, your addition is wonderful. The little scene looks like a miniature painting and is a place to rest the eyes and be at peace. I LOVE it.
Jackie in Illinois

threadspider said...

I would never have thought of creating a landscape there, but what you have done is just perfect. The whole block is beautiful and delicate.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, how nice it is to see how the block is embellished further on!! You did really beautiful stitching Hideko! Emiko will be thrilled when she gets it!