Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Things about Me

I have been tagged by Elizabeth Z for the "7 Things about Me". This time I am expected to write 7 things about me. Is there anything I would interest you?

1, When I was small, I was so shy I couldn't speak anything at school for a year. I didn't answer teacher's checking attendance, couldn't read textbook, only answered questions by writing on the blackboard or papers when required. Nobody heard my voice in the classroom. But after school I was always playing with my brother and boys outdoor.
2, I am a bookworm. Still I buy lots of books, more than I read.
3, I learned how to crochet at six but how to embroider at forty-six.
4, I am a claustrophobic. I don't like to take a seat between two people. And I hate a flight. Thinking about being closed in air for hours makes me feel sick.
5, I can live without television programms but videofilms.
6, I have been married for 32 years and have two sons and a daughter. My daughter is now studying machine knitting in Notthingham, England. Now she's is very busy in her final year.
7, I love to be at home much better than going out. But it doesn't mean I love household. I love to be at home sometimes alone best.

I am afraid everyone I want to tag has been already tagged.


nuinui said...

1番のこと。高校時代の現国の先生が思い出されました。家では妹さんたちを相手に大騒ぎできるのに、学校では全く口を開かず・・で、2年生の授業で『電車ごっこ』。「○○まで、切符を1枚ください」と、言わなければならず、初めて声に出したセリフだったそうです。そして意外だったことが4番。外国にお出かけのことも多い英子さんでしょうに・・。だからって、まさか・・飛行機は一番のクラスで? 文章として100パーセント私とぴったりなのは、7番です。 私も、そのうち、7つのこと書き出してみようかな・・。

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...