Friday, August 23, 2013

My Work for Ritva's Block of CQRR 2013 of FF Group

これはYahooのFiberFever Groupのリトヴァのブロックへの私が足した刺繍です。右下はアメリカのツアーンのもので、彼女のステッチやモチーフがあんまり素敵だったので、私はすっかり萎縮してしまいました。ともかくもSRE(リボン刺繍)モチーフと蝶のモチーフです。

I finished my work for Ritva's block of CQRR 2013 of Fibre Fiver Yahoo Group. Zurn's work was so elegant and beautiful I got felt alreday overwhelmed before starting.

Here's the whole block after her and my works.


Bear said...

Hideko you do the most beautiful embroidery that I have ever seen my lovely lady, and together with Zums lovely embroidery, have created a beautiful block for Ritva to love and enjoy for many years to come. Love you and love your beautiful embroideries
Love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful as usual. Thank you for the invite:-)

Ritva said...

Oh Hideko!
Your work is so beautiful as always. Together with Zurn´s work the block looks out so gorgeous! Cannot wait until it is here at home totally finished.

Thank you so much!