Saturday, February 09, 2013


I was cleaning up my stuffs in drawers and found this kit I bought maybe over twenty years ago. The fabric had a few holes so I made a pincushion using my own similar velveteen. Isn't it a lovely pincushion?
The technique is pin-beading and it reminded me the heart ornaments I saw in the book of Janet Haigh's "Crazy Patchwork". I was so interested in them when I got a book but didn't try to make one then. I thought it's the chance to try to make one now.
I followed the instruction of the book to make this heart but I thought it's no problem to apply the technique more easily. I made those hearts and ornaments from my UFO naked blocks. They would be for charity bazar in future.


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I purchased the supplies for pin beading a few years ago too. You are inspiring me to pull them out and actually use them. I did play with them some, but the idea of using them with CQ is a good one.

Isadarena said...

Ho Hideko, your creations are really lovely : your pincushion is so sweet and your heart just gorgeous:-)
I wish you a nice week-end,