Monday, August 06, 2012

暑いです Too Hot to Work


It's too hot to work. Though I've very few things to show you recently, here are two covers for photo album.

Front and back of each.

These are patchworked ribbons made by sewing machine.


Wilma said...

Lovely covers Hideko!
And I like your display from KLM houses!

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Thanks for your comment, Wilma. My DH always uses KLM for his business trip so I have a collection of their houses!!

Thearica said...

Hideko... Your work is always so awesome! May I ask where did you find the musical note lace? I love that!

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Thearica, Thank you very much for your compliments. I bought the lace motif at craft shop here when they had a sale many years ago. I dug only two motifs then. Sorry I can't give you any information to help you.