Tuesday, November 09, 2010

インゲボルグの作品 Ingeborg Van Zuiden's Work

昔、クレージーキルトの西も東もわからない頃、少しでも情報が欲しくてCQ ニュースレターというCD版の雑誌のあることを知り、それを購読していました。もう発行されていませんが、この写真は最終号の一つ前のものです。このカバーに使われているのはインゲボルグ・ヴァン・ツイデンというオランダのクレージーキルターの作品です。
Many years ago, I was a reader of CQ Newsletter. It's my only fresh source of informations and inspirations about CQ then. The photo is a cover of the issue published just before the last one. It's Ingeborg Zuiden's work.


After then I knew she had a online shop of embellishments of CQ and ordered some. I found small blocks worked by her on the goods list, and bought one with other goodies. It was just the right one which was used as a cover of CQ Newsletter.

Later I had got a chance to do the same RR with her together but I've been only keeping the block I bought from her for years. Now I've finally decided to make something with it to display.


Ingeborg, I hope you like my finished work with your beautiful block if you have a chance to access to my blog.


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FredaB said...

This is a beatiful block and deserves to be seen. Now you can display it so others can enjoy it also.

Great work.



Cathy K said...

Hideko, you finished that up beautifully! Ingeborg is indeed a wonderful CQ’er and a sweet person. We chat every once in awhile on Facebook. And her singing voice is as beautiful as her stitching!

You must be very busy getting ready for your exhibition. It is a great opportunity to finish up a lot of UFO’s! Make sure to take lots of pictures for us.