Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cathy's Block of All Wool DYB

ウールDYB のキャシーのブロックに刺繍しました。彼女のテーマは北部の森林の季節ということでしたので、何となくこんなふうに木を配置しました。

Cathy's theme is "North Woods- Seasons". First I've arranged trees like this.


I easily planned to make a spring scene because it's spring now. But while stitching I realized the scene was going away from "North Woods". I desperately kept stitching a bit more and stopped for a while. It had become worse.

But it impossible to redo all. I made my mind to finish though it looks just like a Japanese field scene in Spring. I hope Cathy won't be disappointed with my work so much.

Spring is near though we have still cold days here. Cherry blossoms will bloom in this weekend or a bit later?


Julie said...

I bet no one would be disappointed with any of your work!!!

A mostly silent fan of your work (and a friend of Lynn in Temecula)

In San Diego, California

Gerry Krueger said...

Looks just north woods to me and I live right next to them The pine forest now are filled with the white blooming syringa shrubs... Perfect Hideko!!!

Cathy K said...

I love all of your work, Hideko, and your Spring Woods is one of my favorites! Hugs, Cathy

Kathy said...

North Woods to Spring is lovely and since Spring has arrived very appropriate. :)

nancy said...

I come to see what you have been up to several times a week. I must say I am always pleasantly surprised and I have an arsenal of eyecandy as inspiration for my projects. Thank you much.

PS: I am making butterflies in all colors and my recipients love them as well. Nancysews in Rochester NY