Thursday, October 22, 2009

正方形四枚接ぎのティーコゼー Tea Cosy from four square blocks


If you are a CQI member, you must remember the tutorial of "Tea Cosy from four square blocks" by Diane Matheson in the September Newsletter. I loved her tea cosy so much I've tried to make one for me.


You also see the same tutorial on her blog.


I myself am satisfied very much with this finished one.



Simona said...

OH WOW! It is beautiful! I love the combination of two velvet and two fancy fabrics!

piney cq said...

Oh! This is gorgeous Hideko! I love it! You would really enjoy Diane "in person" as well! You two seem to be very much the same... I love you both!

Cathy K said...

That is just lovely, Hideko. And thank you for posting a picture of the tea cozy from the top! Hugs, Cathy

Diane said...

Hideko it's so beautiful. I love the way you did all four of the blocks in CQ. What size were your finished squares?

Kathy said...

Just gorgeous Hideko! As usual nice colors and pretty cq work.