Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Friend, Hiroko Kubota's New Book- "Embroidered Cats"

Have you ever visited "hiroko kubota"s flickr album? You must be amazed her embroidered cats there. They look alive. I am sure whoever see her stitched cats would love them. I've been a fan of her embroidery for these ten years.

Last November I was asked to join her team to make her self-publishing book in English. I felt so glad and honored.  Her book has been finished and you can buy it now via her Etsy shop. If you see some example pages you will find how much her book is challenging and completely different from general ones. Very unique!!

She is so kind and generous to allow me to exhibit those work for this book in my gallery of "Granny's".  I am really lucky to see those cats in person. Of course she has got a perfect skill and artistic sense as embroiderer. Besides I always feel her warm love and human touch for objects she stitches.

私のもう一つのブログ、「グラニーズだより」の方でもねこ刺繍展ついてお知らせしております。日本人の方にはそちらも読んで頂けるとうれしいです。ヒロコさんの本は日本人の方はEtsy のお店では買えませんのでご注意下さい。

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Gerry Krueger said...

Thanks for showing this book... I ordered it and looking forward to its arrival.