Saturday, November 17, 2012

モチーフ Motifs/ Step RR

CQIのステップラウンドロビンのエイミーのブロックです。今回、私はステップ3としてモチーフを足すのが仕事です。 この状態から始めます。

This is Amy's block of Step by Step RR of CQI. I am going to start step 3 work (motif making) from this point.


Now done. I tried to cut two long seamlines from left to right end upper and below.



Amy in LA said...

Hideko: Oh, Your work on my block is just beautiful! I am so looking forward to seeing it in person! Amy in LA

Debbie S. said...

Think you did a great
job breaking up the two long lines in the block. It looks wonderful!