Saturday, July 30, 2011

モンドリアンのブロック My CQed Mondrian


I am the third person to work on Margreet's Artist DYB block. Her artist is Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter. Gayle S and Gerry K have already finished their works. It's really hard for me to find what to do on this block because I have very poor imagination with modern arts.




Anyway, I thought Mondorian must be a philosophical person. In fact he was interested in theosophy, it's said. Like ancient Greek philosophers, he must have been looking for essencial elements of this world; not only this planet but whole cosmos.
Therefore vertical and horizontal lines, black and white (might be darkness and light), the three primary colors.

So here's my result, though there's not much exciting stiches.


Gerry Krueger said...

Well I've had to think a realllllllly long time about Paul Klee but last night I had an inspiration so now I just have to wait until Gayle chooses her block.. She can choose any block and there will be one I can use for my idea... Now I'm anxious for it to get here... You did great with this one... Gerry K.

gocrazywithme said...

I like how this turned out, Hideko. This would be a very difficult block for me to work on too. I think you chose wisely in your interpretation.

Also I like your dyed lace. I've been doing a bit of dyeing myself lately. It's so much fun.

Bear said...

Mondrian was a dfficult artist to interpret for many people Hideko (including me- I didnt much like the works he did - but mainy because I didnt connect to his philosphy ) So I think you have really captured his inner soul here Hideko love your interpretation and the night sky is so beautiful
love n hugs always bear xoxoxoxo

Ulla said...

What a challenge!And you did it.Love the idea to use modern art and cq.Never thought of that combination before.Maybe i make a hear next week when I get more time.We are all the family now so there are a lot of homework and friendship and happiness and it takes time and it's really worth every second.