Tuesday, January 25, 2011

対照的な色で Color Experiment


In February I'll have my new classes. Besides some preparations for them, here are this and that I've been doing slowly.


This is a spring block. I hope I can finish it before spring comes.


I found some Japanese patterns fabrics I bought long ago in my box. Originally such colors and patterns would be used for liners of men's kimonos, though these are reproduced cottons. I've never thought to use them for CQ. This block is my first trial in such gloomy colors.

It looks like a monochrome Japanese painting drawn by wash brush.


Mireille said...

Hello Hideko,
As always you can make from something ordenary something special and beautifull. I like the color combinations.
Mireille (Belgium)

Gerry Krueger said...

The colors certainly aren't gloomy when you finished... I love the dark colors especially in the winter and the dark colors make the stitching look so rich and elegant... The hanky spring block is pretty also... Gerry

Cathy K said...

I love your spring block with the hankies. But the darker block is wonderful and warm, too! Both are just lovely! Hugs, Cathy

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Mireille, nice to hear from you!! Gerry, Cathy, thank you very much for your positive comments, though I myself was doubtful if this color worked well for CQ. Anyway I've finished a project using it. The big peony patterns fabric must have contributed to the result.