Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pinkeep Swap

This is a block for pinkeep swap of CQI.

As you might see, fabrics are the same I used for Ati's block before.

But I've changed the colour for embellishment this time.


I have to make two pinkeeps. I'll completed all later.


ayako said...


Kathy said...

Very pretty, love the stitching and fabrics. How will it be finished?

Laraine said...

It's lovely! I'm amazed by your detailed stitching. Showing the piece as it progress from simple scraps of fabric to completed item is so fun to see. Thanks for taking the time to share your work.

I leave for Sendai on the 24th and will be there 3 wks visiting my son. If you can recommend any places for quilting I'd love to know them.

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Thenk you very much for your kind comments.
Laraine, welcome to Sendai. I hope you enjoy here. In town center, there is a Daiei Department Store. On the seventh floor you would find a big hand craft shop "Mabuchi". If you would like shopping it's the best place.
There are some museums but we don't have any quilts museum. I recommend you to visit "Serizawa Keisuke Folk Arts Museum" in Kitayama. There are beautiful dyed works exhibited. Hideko

Laraine said...

Thank you so much Hideko. I look forward to visiting the Folk Arts Museum and shopping at Mabuchi. I hope to get a chance to really explore Sendai. Thank you again for the ideas. Happy quilting!

Gail said...

Very pretty Hideko, love the color combo and the roses are wonderful.